Welcome to The Cambridge Stroke Group

As I am sure you are aware in these difficult circumstances we are unable to meet as a group at the David Rayner Centre. Instead we are meeting online every Thursday afternoon at 2pm using a program called zoom. 

Zoom is free to download. 

Please click on the link below and it will take you through how to download the application called Zoom. 
Meeting ID: 830 1578 5288
Passcode: 0Xmpq9

It would be wonderful to have new and existing members join us. There are only a few of us and it is very relaxed with no pressure to speak – just smile!!

The volunteers Nigel, Marie-Noelle and Anita are usually there. 

Please email us at cambridgestrokegroup@gmail.com if you have any questions

If you would prefer a trial run with just one of us before then let us know. 

We have also started using zoom to do some communication practice with anyone interested. 

The Cambridge Stroke Group is a support group for all stroke survivors in Cambridgeshire. The group, a small charity run entirely by volunteers, was created with the joining together of Different Strokes, Cambridge and The Stroke Association to help provide a comprehensive support group for all those, of any age, who have had a stroke or similar injury

The Cambridge Stroke Group provides support and a lifeline to its members, helping to transform their lives and speed up recovery after a stroke by gaining independence, establishing new friendships and experiencing new activities.

The aim of the group is to provide a meeting place in a friendly and caring environment for people who have had a stroke, and their families, carers and friends. It is a place away from the hospital that offers emotional and social support to stroke survivors and a chance to meet others who have also experienced the potentially devastating effects of having had a stroke.

Our drop-in meetings are calm, friendly and informal and everyone is welcome to pop in for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat.

We meet every Thursday afternoon between 1pm – 4pm at the David Rayner Centre, Great Shelford.

Following instructions from the Stroke Association, NO GROUP MEETINGS until further notice except online.

 For any further information please email us on cambridgeshirestrokegroup@gmail.com
If you wish to contact Rosie Tween about her dance and movement classes then please email her.

Dates for you diary:
All postponed

If you wish to contact Rosie Tween about her dance and movement classes then please email her.


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